Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring '12

Just when I am thinking about fall colors and warm fabrics, Ralph had to go and upload this to his youtube channel (haha.  Technically, Ralph probably doesn't do much for himself.)  Love. Sigh.



  1. Like you - it's LOVE for me. Fabulous. I loved the pink leather motorcycle jacket and that floral chiffon dress.

    So much of that was really wearable.

  2. I love the 30's feel to the collection - both elegant and wearable.

  3. Interesting that Ralph Lauren has come back around to his Gatsby roots. No way Leonardo DiCaprio can fill Robert Redford's shoes -personal opinion.
    Super excited for the remake of The Great Gatsby and like you loooove the collection, just dreamy.

  4. This took my breath away..thank you for sharing it. What a beautiful line of clothing, how inspiring..this made my day

  5. I love the colors and the 30's feels. Wonder how I could incorporate some of it into my spring sewing?

  6. One of the few constants in fashion: Ralph Lauren is always classy.

    Well. His clothes anyway. His adds are pretty awful generally speaking. But always impeccable clothes.

    (seriously, word verification: "spozy". Isn't that the best word??)

  7. that would be "ads"... not "adds".

    That's just weird.


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